Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wow! Wag time! Navy wieners!

From Bandit: We are really wagging tonight!.....We got a note from Skipper, Cricket and Pretzel, the official Navy wiener dogs! Wow!
You can see it on our previous post. We really think they are fine racers (at right), and we wish them well in the military challenge on Saturday. We're sorry we can't meet them, because Maggie loves a wiener in uniform. Mom's promised to take lots of pictures for us. We promise to post them.
She's also promised us a surprise, so we think she'll come through with something to make up for not taking us to the races. We'll see.
P.S. Mom says there's a big wiener dog on the front of Thursday's Diversions in the Savannah Morning News. You can also see a picture of Skipper, Cricket and Pretzel, in there, too.


Skipper, Cricket & Pretzel said...


Thanks for the spread. All three of us went down to the ship this morning to meet with the Commanding Officer, Executive Officer(my dad) and the Command Master Chief to see if we could ride the ship down to Savannah with them when they got underway today. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let us go with them. But we are looking forward to getting into our car seats and riding down to Savannah on Friday. We did a little training on the Flight Deck before they sailed away. I think they will be sending some pictures out of us running around on the ship.

Your buddies,
Skipper, Cricket & Pretzel
USS Hawes Wiener Dog Racing Team

Seamus & Sidda said...

Go, Navy Dogs, Go! We're sad we won't get to see the races this weekend; our evil captors are placing us in solitary confinement this weekend while *they* go to the beach. Hardly seems fair....

Maggie&Bandit said...

We promise to send pictures for you! Don't freak out the attendants: They can get you back.