Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What?! We can't go?

We're very excited about race day, but now mom says we can't go on Saturday to the Savannah Wiener Dawg Race. We're baffled. We're Wiener Dogs and it's supposed to be Our Day. It's not Oktoberfest; it's Dachtoberfest!

Mom says we can go down early, check out the race course on Friday and then go home. She says she and dad are going to be working as volunteers for the race and they can't look after us. Hey! We're not that needy! Really.
Mom promises lots of pictures from Saturday, but it really doesn't seem fair. She's going to have to negotiate a bit more on this one. Stay tuned.....


Skipper, Cricket & Pretzel said...

This is Skipper, the Captain of the USS HAWES / Navy Wiener Dog Racing Team. Cricket, Pretzel and I are very sad to hear that you two will not be at the races on Saturday. We will be meeting our big gray Navy ship when it pulls into Savannah on Friday and look forward to meeting everyone at the races. Tell your humans that the sailors on the HAWES are really great people and they are looking forward to volunteering at the races also. Maybe we can come down to Savannah some other time for a meet-up. If you are ever in the Hampton Roads area, we have a monthly meet-up in Chesapeake, VA.

Fair winds,
Skipper, Cricket & Pretzel

Maggie&Bandit said...

Wow! We are sooooo glad to hear from you. And we are so sad we won't get to meet you.
But we think mom's coming up with a good idea to make it up to us.

Allison Kennedy said...

You can cheer from the homestead. waaaa.