Sunday, October 7, 2007

More race pictures! Video!

There are hundreds of photos from yesterday's races:
- Savannah Dachshund Club gallery.
- Spotted photo gallery shot by our fun human friends Jennifer and Mary and uploaded via another human friend Andres.
- a video from Andres. Go to the Videos under the drop down menu under the News button. Then click on the Features tab and scroll down. It's a fun video!


Andres said...

Maggie and Bandit,
I'm sorry you weren't able to star in the video... hopefully next time, your human will bring you along.


Allison Kennedy said...

Maggie and Bandit,
we just had our annual Blessing of the Animals service at church and you would have loved it! Only one cat was there. Two rabbits (on leashes) and the rest dogs. No weiner dogs, though.

Uncle Mike said...

It could be argued that weiner dogs do not need blessing as much as their cousins.

maggie&bandit said...

We prefer to be blessed just to be on the safe side. Mom's always saying religious-sounding things around us, so we'd feel comfortable.

Allison Kennedy said...

Well, since you're in Savannah, you should have no problem finding a priest!

uncle mike said...

Bandit and Mags, such dog-ma is fine for you, but your distant cousin Bisquick suggests studying the cat-a-chisms.

Aunt Jenn said...

I think I need a shot of altar wine.