Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mom's a klutz

Well, it's been a weird day or so. Staffer Mom came home limping again on Tuesday -- she did something to a toe. Geez. If she had 4 paws, she wouldn't have this problem. And she must need all the help she can get since this appears to happen way too often. Last time she was home for more than a month and had some lame (har) excuse about hitting a tree with her car.
And then on Wednesday, she was home all day because she was sick and wouldn't let us run in the house because she said we wouldn't be quiet. What does she want? We're dogs. We gotta play!
She must have felt pretty bad though, because Staffer Dad ended up bringing her some food. Today she went to work like usual, but she when she came home she couldn't call us because she lost her voice. Now that was really funny.
Gee. If we don't know she's calling, we don't know when to quit digging up her fall flowers, now do we?

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Allison Kennedy said...

you need to be extra-special nice to your mom. sounds like she had a tough week. don't yelp so much! arf. arf.