Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Aunt Jenn!!!

From Maggie: This is Aunt Jenn (and that is not Uncle Brad with her). And, we hear that she's changed her hair color to bright red, and we think that's very cool.
Most importantly, she had a birthday this week, and I want everyone to wish her happy birthday. Even if you don't know her any way but through us, it's OK. You can do that here on this site by leaving a comment to this message, because we know she reads our stuff.
She's 40, right?
From Bandit: NO, she is not 40. Mom's threatening a big party for that one. (Sorry Aunt Jenn. You know Maggie just wants everyone to be older than she is. In dog years, she's ....nevermind. She's staring at me.)


Staffer Mom said...

Happy Birthday Jenn!

Aunt Jenn said...

Hooray for birthdays! (And I'll have you know, Princess Margaret, I'm not even five in dog years. Say I'm 40 again and I'm taking you back with me to Cambodia in a baking dish.)

Uncle Brad made it the best birthday ever by writing me a personalized interactive fiction game, much like Zork, called Adventures on the Pine Mountain Trail.

So did your Mom enjoy those margaritas, come Saturday morning?

Maggie&Bandit said...

Mom was fine the next day because she made dad take her through the drive-thru at Krispy Kreme on the way home. She got a sugar buzz and stayed up until the tequila passed.
Glad to hear about the game. Sounds cool as long as you're not shooting dachshunds.

Allison Kennedy said...

Happy belated!
xxoo, Bisquick