Sunday, October 28, 2007

Now the world will know

Here's another video. We're ratting out Ernie. We're tired of his getting away with this stuff.


We just don't know what to say about this video. Staffer Mom found it for us and used it to try to show us that we could be working a bit harder for our dinner.
To us, it looks like a bunch of upper Midwesterners who don't have enough to do during the long, cold winters up there.
Hey Santa (or anyone else who wants us to help out the reindeer): We have something you can pull.
Yah Hey Dere.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

23 years is longer than Bandit is old

From Maggie: Mom and Dad are staying in tonight, and I'm glad. Mom's making dinner, and she says we can play quietly on the porch. They've been gone an awful lot lately, and they should kick back. Earlier, they told us they might go out, because they wanted to have some sort of dinner for something they called "anniversary." Mom says the real date was last week, but they put it off to take us on the fun road trip. Anyway, it all apparently means they've been together for a long time -- more than 3 times longer than I am old.
Twenty-three years is a pretty long time, and we can't even imagine it. Bandit's 13, so wow. (He's such a geezer dog.) I guess it's like our birthdays. Those are special, and we get extra snackie treats for them. Wonder how Mom and Dad celebrate if they don't go out and get snackie treats? Isn't it boring to stay in? Why would they do that? They really should go out.
From Bandit: Maggie's an idiot.

Oh happy day!

It's been raining some and now the ground is squishy soft!
Mom and Dad are home, so we can dig outside! Wooohoooo!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mom's a klutz

Well, it's been a weird day or so. Staffer Mom came home limping again on Tuesday -- she did something to a toe. Geez. If she had 4 paws, she wouldn't have this problem. And she must need all the help she can get since this appears to happen way too often. Last time she was home for more than a month and had some lame (har) excuse about hitting a tree with her car.
And then on Wednesday, she was home all day because she was sick and wouldn't let us run in the house because she said we wouldn't be quiet. What does she want? We're dogs. We gotta play!
She must have felt pretty bad though, because Staffer Dad ended up bringing her some food. Today she went to work like usual, but she when she came home she couldn't call us because she lost her voice. Now that was really funny.
Gee. If we don't know she's calling, we don't know when to quit digging up her fall flowers, now do we?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Back from a road trip

Staffer Mom and Staffer Dad took us on a really long road trip to see our Grandma. We got to ride in the limo, sleep in grandma's house and walk around the beach. It was pretty good. We got to meet grandma's friend Buck. He is nice and has a dog named Barney.
Last night, we watched a movie about birds attacking people. There was a blonde woman and screaming children in it. Maggie didn't like it very much when the birds attacked, and Bandit didn't like the screaming children. Other than that, it was a pretty good weekend.
Staffer Mom got a little out of sorts when we forgot to tell her we needed to go outside on Friday night. She and Staffer Dad had to get up and clean up a little. We remembered every other time, though. Sometimes we get excited. You know how it goes.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

OK, this is weird

From Bandit: Mom's been home all day so far. This is pretty cool. She's letting us stay out on the porch and sleep on the big pillows. Maggie's going to spoil it, though. She's barked at the tree trimmers down the street, me, the bug spray man, a bird outside, me, Something We Heard in the Bushes But Couldn't See, a lizard, and me. Mom's going to park her in the laundry room any minute. I just hope she'll let me stay out. I'm being good. I promise.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Aunt Jenn!!!

From Maggie: This is Aunt Jenn (and that is not Uncle Brad with her). And, we hear that she's changed her hair color to bright red, and we think that's very cool.
Most importantly, she had a birthday this week, and I want everyone to wish her happy birthday. Even if you don't know her any way but through us, it's OK. You can do that here on this site by leaving a comment to this message, because we know she reads our stuff.
She's 40, right?
From Bandit: NO, she is not 40. Mom's threatening a big party for that one. (Sorry Aunt Jenn. You know Maggie just wants everyone to be older than she is. In dog years, she's ....nevermind. She's staring at me.)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Another wiener convert

We've spent time this week with a really smart 4-year-old named Maya. And, we're pretty sure we've turned her into a dachshund fan. We were absolutely lovable when she was around, letting her rub our ears and tummies endlessly. Then we gave her 2 great stories about dachshunds, "Pretzel" and "Apollo." Finally, we followed up with a nearly life-size stuffed wiener dog. Now she's going to bug her parents for a beautiful dachshund puppy.
Mission accomplished.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

More race pictures! Video!

There are hundreds of photos from yesterday's races:
- Savannah Dachshund Club gallery.
- Spotted photo gallery shot by our fun human friends Jennifer and Mary and uploaded via another human friend Andres.
- a video from Andres. Go to the Videos under the drop down menu under the News button. Then click on the Features tab and scroll down. It's a fun video!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Hotdog vs. Wiener dog: No contest

Today's Wiener Dawg races were exclusively for dachshunds. But Staffer Mom says there are things that sometimes happen around here that can only fall in the OIS category -- "Only in Savannah."
She brought us a video she took (after the races were over) of a drunk man in a dirty wiener suit racing a dachshund while smoking a cigarette and carrying a beer. It's here for your viewing pleasure. A version of this may show up on YouTube, because there was another photographer there.
Here's what Staffer Mom saw....and remember, you saw it first on
Thanks to Wiener friend Remi Shuman for racing the human.

Wow! Big race day!

From Bandit: Mom and Dad just got home from the big race, and they said it was really great. When mom told us about how many people were there, I decided it was ok to be home.
As much as I like to go ride, it sounded like too many people for me.
On the other paw, Maggie says she would really have liked the attention she'd have gotten.
Here are some pictures -- Staffer Mom's camera had some problems, but she did bring us some shots. Mom says she'll help me post more photo links over the next few days from people she met and some on the web site. And she's got a very strange video I've asked her to post later.

The boat picture is of Navy Wieners Skipper, Cricket and Pretzel arriving for the races. Maggie is so jealous: They had a huge staff, their very own photographer and an armed escort. That's so cool! Our mom never carries more than a pocket knife and pickup bags when we're out.
The person picture is the Navy Wieners' Staffer Mom, who takes care of the USS Hawes champs when the sailors are gone for a bit to work at sea. She was really nice and had t-shirts and hats made for the sailors and racing uniforms made for the wieners. Our Mom scored a USS Hawes Wiener Racing Team hat.
The group shot shows the Navy wieners enjoying an after-race beverage -- looks like Pretzel was hogging the brew. I'm so jealous. (Mom says she might let me have some of her Corona in a little while. Sometimes she tells me that, then forgets and drinks it all.)

The picture of 2 dogs in a stroller are Auburn grads -- or at least friends of Auburn grads.
(Go ahead and make your Auburn dog or stroller jokes here -- we already have. Did someone say "War Beagle"?) They were all really friendly, though.

The little chocolate doxie wearing a hula skirt and padded bra placed second in the costume contest. It's really a shame to be humiliated like that and only place second. It had a sibling in the same costume and their parents were wearing matching red UGA shirts.

Three cheers for three legs! (was that tacky?) Today's first-place winner is already a celebrity and champion: Longfellow. He's a 3-legged dog who placed 3rd a few years ago on four legs. We're sorry Mom didn't bring a better picture, because he's tops in our book. If you want to know more, read a good story in the paper about him. He's had a rough go, but we're thrilled to see how he's bounced back so well. He told mom his motivation to win was to get back to his favorite yellow squeaky toy.

And here's a strange thing Mom told me: After the races were over, people went over to the festival and ate big sausage dogs. That sounded a little tacky to me on Wiener Dog Race Day. But, I think if they offered me a bite, I'd probably take it.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Tomorrow's the day!

From Maggie: Wiener Dog Races start early tomorrow. Mom and Dad will leave early to help set up the track. Our friends Andres and Jennifer will be there, too. Andres said he'd make a video with me, but mom says we were too bad on Thursday to get that treat. I know that we'll get there yet. I'm way too cute to ignore, and Bandit's a good-looking guy.
We got to see the official race t-shirts today, and they are really great. If you want one sort of like it, you can buy them at the Savannah Dachshund Club web site. They don't cost much, and the money benefits Dachshund Rescue.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Where's our beer?

It would be wrong to say that we didn't love the Diversions section in today's Savannah Morning News, but we are a bit miffed that we didn't get any beer. It really looks like they are promising us some beer. (As for the brown doxie instead of a black and tan, we'll get over it.)
So, anyway, on to more interesting matters.
Today was fun. We crashed out of our lockup today and spent the entire day in the house. We were only trying to get out and have some fun, but apparently mom and dad are very unhappy with what met them when they got home.
Dad says it smells pretty awful, and mom kept muttering about having to clean up something all day, too. We couldn't really understand all of that, but they aren't happy with us.
Honestly, we tried to keep our "activities" confined to the living room rug so they wouldn't have to clean up more than one room.
And, we really did try to leave some cat food in the bowl, but it was tough because it smelled so good. We think Ernie's not happy with us either.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wow! Wag time! Navy wieners!

From Bandit: We are really wagging tonight!.....We got a note from Skipper, Cricket and Pretzel, the official Navy wiener dogs! Wow!
You can see it on our previous post. We really think they are fine racers (at right), and we wish them well in the military challenge on Saturday. We're sorry we can't meet them, because Maggie loves a wiener in uniform. Mom's promised to take lots of pictures for us. We promise to post them.
She's also promised us a surprise, so we think she'll come through with something to make up for not taking us to the races. We'll see.
P.S. Mom says there's a big wiener dog on the front of Thursday's Diversions in the Savannah Morning News. You can also see a picture of Skipper, Cricket and Pretzel, in there, too.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What?! We can't go?

We're very excited about race day, but now mom says we can't go on Saturday to the Savannah Wiener Dawg Race. We're baffled. We're Wiener Dogs and it's supposed to be Our Day. It's not Oktoberfest; it's Dachtoberfest!

Mom says we can go down early, check out the race course on Friday and then go home. She says she and dad are going to be working as volunteers for the race and they can't look after us. Hey! We're not that needy! Really.
Mom promises lots of pictures from Saturday, but it really doesn't seem fair. She's going to have to negotiate a bit more on this one. Stay tuned.....