Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fun time!

We're recuperating from two great weekends -- one with Aunt Audrey and one where we didn't get a bath!

Aunt Audrey came and played with us -- she even sent a few Cheerios our way the other morning when the staff wasn't looking . We know she was just looking after us since they were of the multigrain variety. It was fun having her here. She understands dachshunds.

And this weekend, we played until it was too hot outside. The staff made us come in and forgot it was bath time! Staffer Dad told us last night our luck wasn't going to last -- he said we smelled already. We resent that. Even the Kitten says it's not true, and he's got reason to lie. We kicked him off Blue Pillow twice in two days.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The long weekend

Yes, it's a holiday weekend, and we really weren't sure what was going to happen since Staffer Mom declared Wimbledon over for us when the Williams Sisters lost. But, things are looking better.

Today the staff took off and left us all day. They went somewhere requiring a ferry ride and time on an island with feral horses and wild boars. Whatever. We were prepared for the day to be a wild bore when they put us in the bathroom with the dreaded gate between us and the house. The stupid Kitten teased us from the other side until we figured out how to break out -- and then we were in charge.

We played for a while, chased Kitten a lot, and napped on Blue Pillow. When the staff finally got home, all we wanted to do was pee. They were pretty horrified to find us roaming free. Oh well. That's what they get for leaving us.

Now we hear Aunt Audrey's coming to visit, so this weekend shows much promise after all. She might feed us off the table!