Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ok. We're at the spa.

The staff took us to the spa the other day and they haven't returned yet. We don't think they are abandoning us here, but there are worse places. Last time we were here, we got shots and some good treats. This time the staff here is playing with us, let's us talk to them and gives us our meals ON TIME.
Maggie's a bit concerned it's a trick. Bandit says it's a good gig and we should just roll with it.
Truthfully, we miss our staffers, but we'd rather be stuck here with Dr. Carla and Dr. Miranda...they know us and there's no way they'd trick us. Right?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Slinky Dog gets his due

It's taken three movies, and finally Slinky Dog gets top billing in the next "Toy Story" movie. The poster proves it.

For years, that cowboy who talks like Tom Hanks and those other stupid toys have dominated the screen time in "Toy Story." Finally, our kind gets some appreciation. And he's been around a long time -- the first Slinky Dog goes back to the '50s, or before our staff was even born. We think the voice of Slinky Dog was better when Jim "Ernest" Varney did it, but we'll like the new guy OK.

Want to update your education on Slinky Dog? Here's the Wikipedia entry.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Behave or get busted

We've been reading some this week and wanted to share some of what we found.

Here's a story about a wiener friend who had to be rescued while being rescued. You've got to give her props for making everyone focus on her for a bit. We're glad she's not hanging out on the airfield anymore, and we hope she and her pup found a good home.

Also, here's this interesting blog we found the other day. We thought it was pretty funny. Up to a point.
No biting.

Monday, October 5, 2009

This has to stop

With the racing season over, we're back to our normal lives -- or what used to be normal before the kitten came.
He's growing up and thinks he one of us. It's a real pain. He's everywhere.
Last night, he slept between us on our blankies in the bedroom, and now he's trying to take over green pillow in the den. He has tons of toys all over the house, and now this.

How do we convince him he's got to earn a spot with us? Any suggestions? We don't want to resort to biting.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

People who love wiener dogs are the best

Staffer Mom's gotten a lot of good notes since the race from dachshunds and their staffers who were there. Lots of people and dogs had fun, and that's what matters.

One family drove from Maryland and wanted her to know how much fun they had on the trip and during the race. They say they'll be back next year.
Another family drove from across the state and said they loved the city and the race, too.

One wiener's staffer helped out another couple by sitting outside with the wieners while the couple went in to a restaurant for a nice lunch. The couple appreciated her kindness so much, they bought her a lunch gift certificate.

And that's our point: Wiener dogs and their staffers have special bonds only other wieners and staffers understand. And that's that.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Racin' on the Savannah River

The staff has returned with tales of another great Savannah Wiener Dog Race on River Street. There's no better way to celebrate Octoberfest on the River!
More than 130 wieners racing and lots of great people there to watch. Wow!

We're sorry we missed it, but the staff showed us the video and some photos and that's all good.
Here are the Savannah Morning News links for the photo gallery and video so you can watch, too.

We're going to go watch the staff drink a beer. There won't be a video for that.

Friday, October 2, 2009

The lost art of supervision

From Bandit: So today, Staffer Mom came home and got me -- I knew it had to be important. She needed help. The folks were setting up the Savannah Wiener Race track and they needed guidance.
Boy, did they.
Only a real dachshund can show humans how to set up a decent race track.

Darn glad I was available. (Maggie wasn't allowed to go....and she would've been a pain in the butt anyway. A construction site is no place for a princess.)

So I ended up spending my afternoon on River Street in Savannah directing the construction of the race track for tomorrow 's wiener races. I really don't know what they were thinking -- they nearly forgot the whole finish-line fence, and they totally didn't remember to push the gates up so they wouldn't drag in the grass on the start.
But I reminded them, and it's pretty smooth now.

The photos are of the construction, and the last one is of me sitting in the middle of the track testing it for traction and quick paw release. It's a good track.

We're looking forward to a fast day!