Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Toy joy!

It's been raining all day, and it's really wet. We can't go outside, so we have to play inside. The staff is too busy doing stuff around the house and we have to find other entertainment.
Bandit's favorite game is to sit calmly on his pillow and then sneak off to steal cat food from Ernie's bowl. The staffers hate that and we think it's funny.
Maggie has toys, and they require protection. There's the formerly-stuffed duck and purple toy. Purple toy is her favorite because it's the oldest and it smells really good. Staffer Mom wants to wash it, but we won't let her. Why does she always try to wash our stuff? Can anyone help us with this?

Sunday, October 5, 2008


OK, we were really planning to ignore this whole chihuahua movie thing. But we just can't.
We watched the trailer again today when found out "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" opened with a $29 million weekend.
Still not impressed.
Maybe we just don't know enough chihuahuas. We only know 2 chihuahuas we truly like: Snickers and Precious. They've got a very keen fashion sense (see right), and we like their staffers very much.
The others we know are just not fun at all. They don't dig up stuff, don't chase moles and mostly they bark.
Anyway, when we watched the movie trailer again today we were really offended by a line in the movie's chihuahua song "We're the real hot dogs, now hold the bun."
What's that about? Why take a shot at wiener dogs?

Great race gallery!

Here's a link to a huge photo gallery from Saturday's Savannah Wiener Dawg Races on River Street. It was done by the terrific Kim at carriagetradePR and posted on the Savannah Spotted site, which is really near and dear to Staffer Mom. The site helps us a lot because we can see what's going on in town when we can't get out.

We're attaching the link for the newspaper's coverage of the '08 event. It's got a link to more photos, too!
And, we also found out there were Small Dog Races later in the day at Grayson Stadium. The staff conveniently left that out, and it explains where they were yesterday afternoon. Here's a link to photos of that action by our photo friend, Randy.

In the collections, you'll be able to see all the fun stuff and all the people who came to honor wiener dogs.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sunrise over the race track

Longfellow was back this year! Staffer Mom said he was happy and ready to defend his title. He did pretty well, but another dog won. Oh well.
There were 123 registered racing wieners this year, and plenty more came to cheer.
The staff got there early to set up, and the sun was coming up over the race course. Here's a picture of that, at right.

Quick race updates!

The staff has returned and they brought us goodies and fresh pictures.
We'll add video and photos as they post for you.
Here's a video from this morning.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Wiener race Saturday!

Tomorrow's the day!
It's the Savannah Wiener Dawg Races and we're rarin' to go!
But as of now, we can't go ....again. Our staff goes every year, and they work really hard. Staffer Mom gets to coordinate the Navy sailor race volunteers and Staffer Dad helps with registration and heat assignments. Tonight they went to a reception on the USS Arleigh Burke and had fun...without us. Again. Last we met the Navy wiener racing team from the USS Hawes. They were really fun, and we hope they are well.

But, we got to stay home with grandma and play! She drops stuff on the floor just for us. She rocks!

Tomorrow, we hope we'll get to go. If we don't we'll (sort of) understand. Bandit doesn't want to race, and he'll get tired. Maggie wants to race, but she knows the staff won't have time to put up with her antics if they are volunteering. We know that all the money raised goes to dachshund rescue and related pet charities, so it's ok if we have to stay home in that case.

So, come on down to the races. It'll be at the Waving Girl statue on River Street. It'll be fun. If you want to register to race, go to!

We hope to see you there, but if we're not there, look for our staff!

P.S. We'll post pictures!