Sunday, October 5, 2008


OK, we were really planning to ignore this whole chihuahua movie thing. But we just can't.
We watched the trailer again today when found out "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" opened with a $29 million weekend.
Still not impressed.
Maybe we just don't know enough chihuahuas. We only know 2 chihuahuas we truly like: Snickers and Precious. They've got a very keen fashion sense (see right), and we like their staffers very much.
The others we know are just not fun at all. They don't dig up stuff, don't chase moles and mostly they bark.
Anyway, when we watched the movie trailer again today we were really offended by a line in the movie's chihuahua song "We're the real hot dogs, now hold the bun."
What's that about? Why take a shot at wiener dogs?


Allison Kennedy said...

We also love Snickers and Precious!
They're practically human--only shorter.

Uncle Mike said...

Ditto on Snicks and Precious. Until I met them I thought the best use for Chihuahas was as skeet.

For the record, I have long been a fan of lowdogs, having once shared a house with one named "Booger."

Great and noble dog, Booger was.

Precious & Snickers said...

We think we'd love lowdogs if we ever had the chance to meet a pair. We especially love weiner dogs with good business sense. Maggie, is this what you've been up to when the staff are at work? A good and decent way to earn money for trips to the spa and extra treats. We applaud your efforts if you're the Maggie behind Maghound.