Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Toy joy!

It's been raining all day, and it's really wet. We can't go outside, so we have to play inside. The staff is too busy doing stuff around the house and we have to find other entertainment.
Bandit's favorite game is to sit calmly on his pillow and then sneak off to steal cat food from Ernie's bowl. The staffers hate that and we think it's funny.
Maggie has toys, and they require protection. There's the formerly-stuffed duck and purple toy. Purple toy is her favorite because it's the oldest and it smells really good. Staffer Mom wants to wash it, but we won't let her. Why does she always try to wash our stuff? Can anyone help us with this?


Allison Kennedy said...

Did the staff take a day off?? Good for them!

skipper-cricket-pretzel said...

Our staff is always washing our toys. Don't they realize how much work goes into getting them to smell that "good?" Hours of drooling on them, rolling them around outside in the grass, letting the sprinklers soak them with well water and if lucky enough not to be caught ... burying them in the flower bed mulch for a few hours. Staffers just don't get that we have a more sophisticated sense of smell than they do. But they also think yummy can dog food stinks ... crazy humans

Allison Kennedy said...

Lowdogs, where are you?