Sunday, October 5, 2008

Great race gallery!

Here's a link to a huge photo gallery from Saturday's Savannah Wiener Dawg Races on River Street. It was done by the terrific Kim at carriagetradePR and posted on the Savannah Spotted site, which is really near and dear to Staffer Mom. The site helps us a lot because we can see what's going on in town when we can't get out.

We're attaching the link for the newspaper's coverage of the '08 event. It's got a link to more photos, too!
And, we also found out there were Small Dog Races later in the day at Grayson Stadium. The staff conveniently left that out, and it explains where they were yesterday afternoon. Here's a link to photos of that action by our photo friend, Randy.

In the collections, you'll be able to see all the fun stuff and all the people who came to honor wiener dogs.


skipper, cricket, pretzel said...

We are so sorry that we could not be in Savannah this year. However, we did take part in another DRNA fund raiser this year. See, being in Virginia, we like to go to the Mid-Atlantic Dachshund Festival in Manassas Virginia. It is held on the same weekend as the Savannah Oktoberfest. This is the largest DNRA event in this area. 2007 boasted over 1000 in attendance. We know how you feel not being able to take part in the festivities. Due the number of fosters we have in the house right now, that would be 4 great wiener dawgs, we did not all get to go this year. Pretzel was the lucky winner, being a rescue fro Southern State (All American) Rescue group, along with our Foster brothers Max and Renton (one of the 1000 dogs rescued for the West Virginia breeder raid in August). Anyway, Pretzel represented the trio well and carried on the spirit of the Navy Wiener Dawg Racing Team. Maybe we can make it down sometime this next year. Go Navy!!

Jenn said...

Bandit, you've got the heart of a champion - I know you would've won the race if the staff had only let you run!

Speaking of the staff, how do they always manage not to get "Spotted"? Seems kinda fishy to me....

Maggie&Bandit said...

They're in have to look very hard, but they are there in the pics this time....but honestly, we've wondered the same thing.