Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fierce fun

Staffer Mom found a great web site, and we must share. It's all about adults doing kid stuff -- something the staff seems to enjoy, especially when they are at the beach. When they get together with Aunt Jenn and Uncle Brad they do strange things like shoot sparklers across the deck and try to see who can eat the most pancakes. They always seem to making some strange food or colorful drink. This site is perfect for them!
Here's what we liked best -- and we found a reference to it already on The Daily Dachshund, our fave site. It's cupcakes and chocolate icing built to look like a wiener. You can't top that!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Never with a wiener

1) We're very solid dogs.
2) We'd only be used for footlights.
3) We eat too much dirt.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Notes from the last few days

Some catching up with all that's going on:
- We have good news! A dalmatian puppy has adopted Aunt Laurie. Its name is Yuki, and it doesn't -- contrary to popular myth -- follow around beer trucks or fire trucks. (They do some weird stuff in California, but that's not part of it.) Here's a photo of Yuki. The cat in the other picture is Aunt Laurie's cat, Xerxes. He's been around a bit, and we have a lot of respect for him. We're pretty sure he can kick butt in any fight.
- The Dookies have lost two basketball games. We're very happy about that (and so is Staffer Mom). We are also thrilled that one of the losses was to Wake Forest. We have a soft spot for the Demon Deacons because of Aunt Jenn's affinity for them and Staffer Mom says her dad was a fan, too. So, if it needed to be done, we're glad Wake did the deed. Next up: March 8 and a Tar Heels rematch with the Dookies.
- And, we had a nice weekend at the Doggie Spa. Staffer Dad says it's just the vet's office, but they treat us like we're in a spa and that's important. The staff went out of town, so we seized the opportunity for some nice "me time" for us. All in all, a good few days.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Squirrel tale ends

So, we know you must have been wondering what happened to the way-cool dead squirrel from Tuesday.

Ever since we dug up Staffer Mom's favorite cat, Mr. Tibbs, he won't let us play with dead things. Staffer Dad really wanted to keep this one for a bit. The first day it stayed buried in the garden, but Bandit got a little worried even though it had been drizzling and the staff hadn't been around. So, late the other night, he dug it up and put it close to the house where he could get to it. There's a great place to hide things under the big noisy thing next to the house. It seems to pull a lot of air into it, so Ernie doesn't go near it. Apparently it has something to do with the heating or air conditioning in the house, but we're not really sure.

Anyway, we put the dead squirrel there and didn't really get a chance to go back to it that night. Staffer Mom was inside most of the night and complained a lot. "It smells like something died in here!" She was pretty annoying about it. We thought it smelled really good, but she was in a very foul mood about it. So, this morning we ran out and decided it was time to move the squirrel. If the house smelled badly, then maybe they'd be preoccupied with figuring that out and not notice us trying to move it.

Sadly, Staffer Dad caught us. He took away the squirrel and now it's gone. But it was fun while it lasted. We've got to figure out how to get another one. And, we're really sorry we didn't get pictures for you.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Check out some new places

We've added a few new blogs to our favorites this week, so you may want to take a look. The Daily Dachshund is really interesting and full of very good info on dachshunds and other types of dogs. We enjoy the jokes:
Why did the cowboy get a wiener dog?
Because someone told him to "git a long, little doggie."
Today it's featuring a video of wiener dogs racing on a hockey rink. It's sort of like NASCAR. You only really watch it to see if anyone spins out.

Another one,, is just what you might expect -- ok, most of you -- pictures of dachshunds wearing hats, clothing, paper cups, or nothing.

And no, we haven't said much about this year's Westminster Dog Show. We were very happy for Uno, the winning beagle. One of our best friends is a beagle, Sidda, so we can vouch for the breed's capacity to manage staffs well and be charming when necessary. We are also very impressed with their ability to dig. While not as refined as our own, her ability to dig and torment her staffers while doing it are amazing. The beagle win gives us hope that a dachshund will get to the Best in Show ring soon.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dead squirrel day!

Today started out great! We ran outside on our first run this morning and there it was! Bandit found a dead squirrel over in the corner of the yard! But, we had to eat our breakfast first, so he left it over there and as soon as we were finished he brought it back toward the house where it would be safe.
We really didn't think anything would happen to it until Staffer Dad came out of the house and insisted we not bring it in. Bandit was really smart. He took it to the garden and buried it. He'd already dug a hole, so he just dropped it in and then worked really hard to get it covered up before Dad could get over there. We were really lucky, too, because the staffers were dressed to go to their day jobs and they weren't going to dig it up right then.

So all day it's been there, marinating in Staffer Mom's good garden soil with fresh compost. We cannot wait to get back out there and pull it out. This is going to be the best!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Better water for us

Staffer Mom found this announcement the other day.
It's about a new specialty water for dogs called "Fortifido." It's about darn time.
What a fierce idea!

After we've been outside digging for a couple hours, we need more than plain old tap water or garden hose water in a bowl. And this will make us better diggers right? The info says we'll get stronger bones and more energy. It must be true, right? Or they wouldn't say it, right?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Try this

We still feel pretty badly about being gone for so long, so we're sending you this computer screen cleaner shared with us by our friend Robin. She's always looking out for cool things for us.
(Also, the link's also a good thing because it reminded us of our old fun, friend Melanie and her love for pugs.)

We're back!

Finally. Today, Staffer Mom finally got one computer up and running on the Net after many calls to the "DSL People." All we heard were snippets of conversation about things called modems and routers. She said every technician she talked to was very nice, but all had trouble understanding her Southern accent and were all named Smith. She thought that odd.

We've been very busy. We've made some magnificent holes outside the back door, and we've gotten in trouble once. Apparently Staffer Dad does not want us to go visit the neighbors before he leaves for work in the morning. He's always encouraging us to be nice to people and gracious to other animals. I guess we found that it's one of those rules that applies only on his terms.

Anyway, we're very glad to be back online, and we've been collecting some things to share. Thanks to all who emailed and commented with good wishes.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sorry...we'll be back shortly

So, it's been nearly a week since we posted, and we are SO sorry.
We've got so much to tell you , but the staff's DSL modem decided to go to Rainbow Bridge and so there's been no internet access in our house. Staffer Mom's taught us a few new words over the situation, but we're told we'll have the Net back in a day or so. Staffer Mom said she'd send this out to you from somewhere else. If you get it, she must have stopped at her favorite bread place to use the wi-fi.
Talk to you soon.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Monkey does Mardi Gras

We wish we could've been there. These photos came from Aunt Karen and our fun friend Renee. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Wow! Huge Day!

So, we've got a couple things for you today.
First of all, here's the link to photos from the Savannah Dachshund Club's February meet at the Forsyth fountain.
We had a pretty good crowd...Morgan, Oscar, Cooper, Skittles, Brody, and more...we're sorry we're bad with names. We're better with smells. We got to dig for a while before we went, and we are really tired now from all the playing.

The photo with this post is of staffer friends Ellen and Michelle with their foster dogs, Skittles, Oscar and Cooper. If you know of anyone who'd be a very good staffer for each of them, please let us know and we'll pass the info to Michelle and to Ellen, who works with Dachshund Rescue of North America.

Tonight, we're going to stay in and watch Puppy Bowl IV on Animal Planet. It's a terrific way to spend Super Bowl night. Who wants to watch football when you can watch a better drama? Our favorite puppy so far is Cody the chocolate lab. If you want to know more about Puppy Bowl, here's a story about it.

Gotta go!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy GroundDog Day!

We love holidays, especially this one since it's named for dogs like us. A lot of people think it's all about groundhogs -- a nasty little furry animal that hibernates and shows off in Pennsylvania once a year. That's just not true. It's for dogs who dig.

Sadly, we must tell you that it looks like winter's still here for a bit. Bandit saw his shadow early this morning. And we double-checked: Maggie saw hers, too.

We celebrated most of the day by digging some huge holes in the back yard. The moles have been really busy. While the staff did a lot of yard work, we tried to find the moles to make them stop digging tunnels near the yard furniture. You can tell we've been working there, too, because we left a pretty nice trench just near where the staff walks all the time.

Anyway, Happy GroundDog Day! We hope you had fun, too!