Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dead squirrel day!

Today started out great! We ran outside on our first run this morning and there it was! Bandit found a dead squirrel over in the corner of the yard! But, we had to eat our breakfast first, so he left it over there and as soon as we were finished he brought it back toward the house where it would be safe.
We really didn't think anything would happen to it until Staffer Dad came out of the house and insisted we not bring it in. Bandit was really smart. He took it to the garden and buried it. He'd already dug a hole, so he just dropped it in and then worked really hard to get it covered up before Dad could get over there. We were really lucky, too, because the staffers were dressed to go to their day jobs and they weren't going to dig it up right then.

So all day it's been there, marinating in Staffer Mom's good garden soil with fresh compost. We cannot wait to get back out there and pull it out. This is going to be the best!!

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