Saturday, February 16, 2008

We're back!

Finally. Today, Staffer Mom finally got one computer up and running on the Net after many calls to the "DSL People." All we heard were snippets of conversation about things called modems and routers. She said every technician she talked to was very nice, but all had trouble understanding her Southern accent and were all named Smith. She thought that odd.

We've been very busy. We've made some magnificent holes outside the back door, and we've gotten in trouble once. Apparently Staffer Dad does not want us to go visit the neighbors before he leaves for work in the morning. He's always encouraging us to be nice to people and gracious to other animals. I guess we found that it's one of those rules that applies only on his terms.

Anyway, we're very glad to be back online, and we've been collecting some things to share. Thanks to all who emailed and commented with good wishes.

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Allison Kennedy said...

Welcome back, Lowdogs! we missed you!