Friday, February 22, 2008

Squirrel tale ends

So, we know you must have been wondering what happened to the way-cool dead squirrel from Tuesday.

Ever since we dug up Staffer Mom's favorite cat, Mr. Tibbs, he won't let us play with dead things. Staffer Dad really wanted to keep this one for a bit. The first day it stayed buried in the garden, but Bandit got a little worried even though it had been drizzling and the staff hadn't been around. So, late the other night, he dug it up and put it close to the house where he could get to it. There's a great place to hide things under the big noisy thing next to the house. It seems to pull a lot of air into it, so Ernie doesn't go near it. Apparently it has something to do with the heating or air conditioning in the house, but we're not really sure.

Anyway, we put the dead squirrel there and didn't really get a chance to go back to it that night. Staffer Mom was inside most of the night and complained a lot. "It smells like something died in here!" She was pretty annoying about it. We thought it smelled really good, but she was in a very foul mood about it. So, this morning we ran out and decided it was time to move the squirrel. If the house smelled badly, then maybe they'd be preoccupied with figuring that out and not notice us trying to move it.

Sadly, Staffer Dad caught us. He took away the squirrel and now it's gone. But it was fun while it lasted. We've got to figure out how to get another one. And, we're really sorry we didn't get pictures for you.

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skipper, cricket & pretzel said...

What a bummer! Our staffers once took away a squirrel it took us 2 years to catch. But our squirrel hunting hero is our dachshund cousin Gretel in Denver. Not only did she catch a squirrel, but got it inside through the doggie dog to snack on. She was enjoying her feast in the living room when the teenage staffer girls saw her and started yelling like the house was on fire. Then her staffer Mom tricked her with a greenie bone into another room and while distract, the leftover squirrel feast vanished. Her staffer Mom then brushed her teeth every day for a week as punishment. But she said it was sooo worth it.