Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Check out some new places

We've added a few new blogs to our favorites this week, so you may want to take a look. The Daily Dachshund is really interesting and full of very good info on dachshunds and other types of dogs. We enjoy the jokes:
Why did the cowboy get a wiener dog?
Because someone told him to "git a long, little doggie."
Today it's featuring a video of wiener dogs racing on a hockey rink. It's sort of like NASCAR. You only really watch it to see if anyone spins out.

Another one,, is just what you might expect -- ok, most of you -- pictures of dachshunds wearing hats, clothing, paper cups, or nothing.

And no, we haven't said much about this year's Westminster Dog Show. We were very happy for Uno, the winning beagle. One of our best friends is a beagle, Sidda, so we can vouch for the breed's capacity to manage staffs well and be charming when necessary. We are also very impressed with their ability to dig. While not as refined as our own, her ability to dig and torment her staffers while doing it are amazing. The beagle win gives us hope that a dachshund will get to the Best in Show ring soon.

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Thanks so much for your kind words. I'll add you to my links.