Monday, February 25, 2008

Notes from the last few days

Some catching up with all that's going on:
- We have good news! A dalmatian puppy has adopted Aunt Laurie. Its name is Yuki, and it doesn't -- contrary to popular myth -- follow around beer trucks or fire trucks. (They do some weird stuff in California, but that's not part of it.) Here's a photo of Yuki. The cat in the other picture is Aunt Laurie's cat, Xerxes. He's been around a bit, and we have a lot of respect for him. We're pretty sure he can kick butt in any fight.
- The Dookies have lost two basketball games. We're very happy about that (and so is Staffer Mom). We are also thrilled that one of the losses was to Wake Forest. We have a soft spot for the Demon Deacons because of Aunt Jenn's affinity for them and Staffer Mom says her dad was a fan, too. So, if it needed to be done, we're glad Wake did the deed. Next up: March 8 and a Tar Heels rematch with the Dookies.
- And, we had a nice weekend at the Doggie Spa. Staffer Dad says it's just the vet's office, but they treat us like we're in a spa and that's important. The staff went out of town, so we seized the opportunity for some nice "me time" for us. All in all, a good few days.

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