Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy GroundDog Day!

We love holidays, especially this one since it's named for dogs like us. A lot of people think it's all about groundhogs -- a nasty little furry animal that hibernates and shows off in Pennsylvania once a year. That's just not true. It's for dogs who dig.

Sadly, we must tell you that it looks like winter's still here for a bit. Bandit saw his shadow early this morning. And we double-checked: Maggie saw hers, too.

We celebrated most of the day by digging some huge holes in the back yard. The moles have been really busy. While the staff did a lot of yard work, we tried to find the moles to make them stop digging tunnels near the yard furniture. You can tell we've been working there, too, because we left a pretty nice trench just near where the staff walks all the time.

Anyway, Happy GroundDog Day! We hope you had fun, too!

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