Saturday, October 6, 2007

Wow! Big race day!

From Bandit: Mom and Dad just got home from the big race, and they said it was really great. When mom told us about how many people were there, I decided it was ok to be home.
As much as I like to go ride, it sounded like too many people for me.
On the other paw, Maggie says she would really have liked the attention she'd have gotten.
Here are some pictures -- Staffer Mom's camera had some problems, but she did bring us some shots. Mom says she'll help me post more photo links over the next few days from people she met and some on the web site. And she's got a very strange video I've asked her to post later.

The boat picture is of Navy Wieners Skipper, Cricket and Pretzel arriving for the races. Maggie is so jealous: They had a huge staff, their very own photographer and an armed escort. That's so cool! Our mom never carries more than a pocket knife and pickup bags when we're out.
The person picture is the Navy Wieners' Staffer Mom, who takes care of the USS Hawes champs when the sailors are gone for a bit to work at sea. She was really nice and had t-shirts and hats made for the sailors and racing uniforms made for the wieners. Our Mom scored a USS Hawes Wiener Racing Team hat.
The group shot shows the Navy wieners enjoying an after-race beverage -- looks like Pretzel was hogging the brew. I'm so jealous. (Mom says she might let me have some of her Corona in a little while. Sometimes she tells me that, then forgets and drinks it all.)

The picture of 2 dogs in a stroller are Auburn grads -- or at least friends of Auburn grads.
(Go ahead and make your Auburn dog or stroller jokes here -- we already have. Did someone say "War Beagle"?) They were all really friendly, though.

The little chocolate doxie wearing a hula skirt and padded bra placed second in the costume contest. It's really a shame to be humiliated like that and only place second. It had a sibling in the same costume and their parents were wearing matching red UGA shirts.

Three cheers for three legs! (was that tacky?) Today's first-place winner is already a celebrity and champion: Longfellow. He's a 3-legged dog who placed 3rd a few years ago on four legs. We're sorry Mom didn't bring a better picture, because he's tops in our book. If you want to know more, read a good story in the paper about him. He's had a rough go, but we're thrilled to see how he's bounced back so well. He told mom his motivation to win was to get back to his favorite yellow squeaky toy.

And here's a strange thing Mom told me: After the races were over, people went over to the festival and ate big sausage dogs. That sounded a little tacky to me on Wiener Dog Race Day. But, I think if they offered me a bite, I'd probably take it.


Skipper, Cricket &Pretzel said...

Sorry we haven't had time to write you back on how much fun we had with your Staffer's. It was a lot of fun meeting your Staffer Mom; she was a lot of fun as we waited our turn for the Armed Forces/Navy Challenge Race. I think those Marines brought in a ringer at the last minute, we didn’t even know that a Marine was racing. He did kinda look like a mean Bulldog. Great disguise as a Wiener Dog.
Anyway, maybe next time we can all meet up for some dachshund fun and games. I tell you, after Saturday at the races, hanging out on Tybee Island Sunday & Monday at the Beach House my Staffers got us; we were beat driving back to Virginia Beach, VA on Tuesday morning. Cricket, Pretzel and I slept all the way home in our car seats.

Skipper, Cricket & Pretzel
USS HAWES Wiener Dog Race Team

Maggie&Bandit said...

We're glad you came to visit, and we're gla dyou had fun. Maybe you can come back next year. Staffer Mom's already said she'd bring us down to visit you next time.
Take care and check in now and then!