Thursday, October 4, 2007

Where's our beer?

It would be wrong to say that we didn't love the Diversions section in today's Savannah Morning News, but we are a bit miffed that we didn't get any beer. It really looks like they are promising us some beer. (As for the brown doxie instead of a black and tan, we'll get over it.)
So, anyway, on to more interesting matters.
Today was fun. We crashed out of our lockup today and spent the entire day in the house. We were only trying to get out and have some fun, but apparently mom and dad are very unhappy with what met them when they got home.
Dad says it smells pretty awful, and mom kept muttering about having to clean up something all day, too. We couldn't really understand all of that, but they aren't happy with us.
Honestly, we tried to keep our "activities" confined to the living room rug so they wouldn't have to clean up more than one room.
And, we really did try to leave some cat food in the bowl, but it was tough because it smelled so good. We think Ernie's not happy with us either.


Allison Kennedy said...

Jailbreak! How'd you do it, over a period of time, like Clint Eastwood in "Escape from Alcatraz"?

Maggie&Bandit said...

We just decided to crash the gate. Mom didn't leave it secured as well as she thought -- even though she put a stool up against it, too.
We've been planning this for a bit, but we may have blown any chances we had to have anything to do with the races tomorrow.