Saturday, October 27, 2007

23 years is longer than Bandit is old

From Maggie: Mom and Dad are staying in tonight, and I'm glad. Mom's making dinner, and she says we can play quietly on the porch. They've been gone an awful lot lately, and they should kick back. Earlier, they told us they might go out, because they wanted to have some sort of dinner for something they called "anniversary." Mom says the real date was last week, but they put it off to take us on the fun road trip. Anyway, it all apparently means they've been together for a long time -- more than 3 times longer than I am old.
Twenty-three years is a pretty long time, and we can't even imagine it. Bandit's 13, so wow. (He's such a geezer dog.) I guess it's like our birthdays. Those are special, and we get extra snackie treats for them. Wonder how Mom and Dad celebrate if they don't go out and get snackie treats? Isn't it boring to stay in? Why would they do that? They really should go out.
From Bandit: Maggie's an idiot.


Allison Kennedy said...

Happy anniversary to your swell owners!
We'll raise a glass over here ... and Bisquick will take an extra lick from the water bowl. congrats.

Amanda said...

Happy Anniversary, indeed! You are wonderful!

sidda said...

Happy anniversary, Staffer Mom and Dad! My mom's drinking a glass of Bogle in your honor!