Monday, November 12, 2007

Staffer Dad misses his fave TV

While we're talking TV and the staffers, let's look at Staffer Dad's TV issue: "24" and St. Louis Cardinals games. The writers' strike just put "24" on hold for a bit. Dad's not real happy about that. He says it was the only thing that kept him from climbing the walls until baseball season returns.
Staffer Mom had to remind him that college basketball is here and the Heels return this week.
From Bandit: In full disclosure: We proudly wear UNC Tarheels collars, because, well, there's not another team. Really. Bring it.


Sidda said...

Oh dear, oh dear. I hate basketball season. Mom jumps up and down a lot and makes the house shake. And then she screams and pounds her fist on Dad's leg. I just go hide in the bedroom whenever those strange men in yellow and black are on the shiny box in the sofa room.

Seamus said...

Rah, rah, Wake Forest, rah! Old alma mater sons are we. (Go Deacs!) We'll herald the story and die for the glory, old Gold and Black forever waving high.

I don't know what that means, but Mom sings it ALL the time.

Hmmm...Mom's staring at the shiny box. Maybe she won't notice if I eat the tasty napkin covered in butter. (Chomp!)

maggie&bandit said...

Yep. One thing about basketball season is that there's always a lot of food dropping on the floor. And one time we got to lick onion dip off the TV screen.

Allison Kennedy said...

My favorite teams? The Tigers. The White Sox. And the Bengels.