Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Aunt Allison!

Today we remind everyone to celebrate Aunt Allison's 39th birthday. She's really wiser than her years might tell and that's a good thing. (It's sort of like she grew up in dog years like we did.)
Staffer Mom says the road to 40 really isn't so bad as long as you're not really paying attention to detail and keep good wine in the house.
We're depending on her weird cat Bisquick and Uncle Mike to take good care of her and throw a good party in her honor.
You go, girl!


Allison Kennedy said...

Thanks, Lowdogs!
Bisquick got me a present, too, but I think he left it in the litter box :)
And Mikey got me a digital camera! Isn't that cool??

Maggie&Bandit said...

Cameras are cool. Especially when they take pictures of us.
Can it do video, too?
It's ok if it doesn't, because some things really should be left to still photography.

Allison Kennedy said...

Hey, I THINK it takes video as well. We just learned how to download on the computer. Haskey helped Mikey pick it out.
Stay tuned. Could be dangerous.
Gobble, gobble,