Thursday, November 22, 2007

Feast or fooey?

So what is this Thanksgiving feast day anyway? The staff was home most of the day, and that was good. When they were in the kitchen, they let us hang around. They scurried around last night making something called "dressing" and today they made "casserole." Staffer Dad kept munching off of it because he said he likes green beans. Whatever. We still got our regular food in our regular bowls.
If they are going to cook a lot, have a lot of food in the house and let us hang around, they should at least drop some on the floor now and then. Overall, it's been pretty disappointing.


Allison Kennedy said...

My peeps went out of town twice in two days and they felt so guilty for leaving me behind, they gave me some Snacky Treats.
Now I can complain about being "full as a tick" like they are.

Maggie&Bandit said...

Hey Bisquick!
We saw your picture. Mom says she thinks you're really pretty, but we think you've been eating pretty well.