Sunday, November 4, 2007

Play in the park

We had a great day in the park today.
On the first Sunday each month, all Savannah dachshunds are invited to gather at Forsyth Park. What usually happens is our staffers hang out and talk while we all sniff and play. It's the best thing in the world.
Bandit wore his green harness, and Maggie wore her new pink T-shirt that says "Rock'n'Roll Princess" on it. We arrived in the limo.
Our dog friends hadn't seen us since before the races last month. Longfellow (in the picture) was there, along with some other cool dogs. He won the races a few weeks ago, and he's only got 3 legs. He works part-time as a therapy dog, but he's a full-time cool pup. We met 2 puppies who were really tiny -- one was blue and tan and one was a long-hair tan, and we met a wiener bigger than Bandit. We were really tired when we got home, and Staffer Dad took advantage of it to make us take a bath.
Not fair!


Allison Kennedy said...

Looked like a great day to be in the park!
I wish my owners would let me outside like that.
Meow, Bisquick

maggie&bandit said...

Yeah, but they make you wear a harness and leash. We've never seen a cat that likes that.

Allison Kennedy said...

Dear Lowdogs, Have we got a find for you:
We just had some for dinner. We agree with the label: Two paws up!

Bandit said...

In Maggie's case, it should be Dog House Whine.