Thursday, November 8, 2007

Food fight!

From Maggie: Tonight Staffer Mom came home late. We went outside to "do our business." When we got back to the porch, she'd put out our dinner. But, she switched our bowls (Staffer Dad never does that) and gave me the one with a non-skid bottom. Bandit got the cold metal one. When he finished, he kept pushing the bowl around the porch to make a lot of noise and bug me. I told him to quit.
I didn't want all my food right away, so I just sat there for a bit next to my stuffed duck. (I can't just wolf it down like he does.)
Anyway, he kept looking at my food. I barked at him and he just kept looking at me. I kept telling him to leave me alone, but he came toward my bowl. Well, I got mad and things happened. Staffer Mom came charging out, but it was too late. There was food all over the floor. It was bad. She took the bowls and the stuffed duck away.
From Bandit: I can't believe she wastes food like that. Gotta go clean the porch floor. Yum!

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Seamus said...

I'm with you, Bandit. Sidda takes so long to eat her food, I can't help but think she needs my assistance. Then she snarls at me when I come to her aid. Women.