Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sport cooking is stupid

With all our recent kerfluffles over food, you'd think we'd understand Staffer Mom's preoccupation with cooking competition shows like "Next Iron Chef" and "Top Chef." We absolutely do not.
While other people apparently watch movies and talk about the plots and characters and symbolism, she tries to figure out which chef is getting psyched out by the judges and which ones are sabotaging the others. She says she learns from watching their creativity. We think it's because she just likes food and chaos.
And, we're pretty sure those shows are why she goes shopping and brings home really sharp knives now instead of sweaters. And we're certain that the gingerbread house competition she watched the other night was the reason she bought a piece of metal that she calls "The Coolest Cookie Sheet Ever!" Apparently cookies will slide right off of it. Whoopee. We'd be more impressed if she'd let one slide off on the floor now and then.
Staffer Dad says for us not to worry until she starts trying to find recipes for Stuffed Wieners or Grilled Purple Toy.

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Aunt Jenn said...

Sounds like Staffer Mom and I need a Gingerbread House Raising Weekend!