Friday, November 9, 2007

Ernie runs naked -- again

We're laughing tonight because Ernie's in trouble. A few days ago, he got his third new collar in a year. Staffer Mom put his new tags on it and told him to quit losing it. Well, today he came home without it. Now he's running around with no collar and no tags. And, he's in trouble with the staff.
We wonder where he's losing them. George's garage? The hole in the fence? The big culvert under the road? Somewhere around here there's a place with a bunch of reflective collars with bells and tags on them.
Ernie doesn't care, but he will if animal control gets a call and shows up again before the staffers get a chance to buy him yet another collar. Anyone got a phone book?


Aunt Jenn said...

I wouldn't worry too much; Ernie's way smarter than Animal Control. Besides, we've all seen how good he is with a baseball bat-no doubt he can protect himself, if necessary....

Allison Kennedy said...

I don't have a collar. I run around naked every day. But sometimes I put on my orange pajamas.

PS My cousin charlie keeps losing his tags too.