Monday, November 19, 2007

2 old men and a hound

From Bandit: Ok, we got stuck at the vet all weekend. We got decent food and Maggie eventually got thrown into a cage away from me. So it worked out.
Mom and Dad brought us back pictures of dead animals in a window in downtown Columbus. Wow. One was a spitting beaver and the other was a fox. Both were cool. We never see dead animals in store windows in Savannah, but they probably don't sell a lot of them here. That's more of an Alabama border-town kind of thing.
Mom also brought me a picture of dad and Uncle Brad and Sidda. It's like one of those old photos with old men rocking on a porch with their coon dog. We did notice that Uncle Brad and Aunt Jenn let Sidda and Seamus sit on the couch. We need to get mom and dad to allow that. Any ideas?


Bebe Bahnsen said...

Dogs who can come up with "Alabama border-town" certainly deserve to sit on the couch. I put a sheet on my couch and allow my son's 65 pound dog to sit on it when he visits. He isn't allowed to do that at home, which could explain why when I came in this morning he slipped off my couch, slithering his big body rather like a snake. I guess he thought I wouldn't notice him if he made himself as small as possible. Then he realized where he is and jumped right back on it. So, practice your slithering moves.

Maggie&Bandit said...

Hmm. We'll definitely have to try that slithering thing. We're small enough we think Staffer Mom would have a rough time spotting us before we got to the porch door.

Brad Barnes said...

The trick is to get a leather couch. Ours is a La-Z-Boy, certified Seamus- and Sidda-proof.