Thursday, September 20, 2007

Everyone wants to be a wiener

Our friends Precious and Snickers the chihuahuas sent us an interesting link today. It's a picture of a big zucchini that's been turned into a yard-art dachshund.
It's true that we just like to say "zucchini" but it's also true that we're a little disturbed that now people are finding ways to turn perfectly edible veggies into yard art. You know, last week, we went on a little rant about mom's yard-art habit, and we're worried that Precious and Snickers are enablers.
And now we've learned about this site: We're afraid Mom will soon be putting a dachshund on her little car.


Allison Kennedy said...

There are worse things to put on one's car. :)

Maggie said...

you bet. the birds are always leaving presents onthe limo.

Amanda said...

AW!! That's so cute!!! Maggie and Bandit, embrace the fact that your people love you and dogs like you :)