Saturday, September 1, 2007

Please vote in our poll

We've changed out the poll question for the week (on the page to your left), and it's important for you to vote. Our ability to blog and order stuff online again may hinge on it. Mom says she will live by the results.

As for last week's question "Will dad's beloved Cardinals pull within 2 of the Cubs ever again?": By mid-week, Dad had declared it was obsolete since the Cardinals had pulled back within 2 of the Cubs. But we left it up, and it's a good thing we did. Those Cards never really made it past that, and now the Cubs are up again. Dad was proud that his friends came out to help him declare that the Cubs always fold. (We remind him that these votes have absolutely no meaning.) He says he knows who voted for the Cubs to do well, and he said something about payback being ugly. But we know he won't hurt you. Thanks to all who voted.


aunt jenn said...

forget baseball, maggie, i have important matters for your consideration. whose outfit is better--venus' or ana's?

Amanda said...

i said the cards would make a run! they always do!