Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dog shows and reality

We generally don't post twice in one night, but there's a dog show on TV and we can't avoid making a few observations.
First of all, the hound group's on right now -- that's our group -- and we know that all these people surely don't call these dogs to dinner by those long, pretentious names. At least, we hope not.
Scentesia's Shake Rattle'n'Roll? Tiara Ne-Ku Chariots of Fire? Caramel n'Haywire Mocha Sorbet at SK JH? Renaissance Lord of the Dance AKA Connor? What?
We really don't want to be called by our long names: Catrons Dashing Maggie May or Air Bandit Express. That would be embarrassing. We'd get beaten up by the neighborhood cats if mom shouted those across the back yard.
And another thing: The announcer seems genuinely bothered that it's no longer legal for dogs to hunt antlered game in the U.S. Gee. That's too bad. How would he like to get gored by pissed-off mountain goat?

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