Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Do we put out plastic people?

Mom has this fascination with fake yard critters. She's always had some sort of thing in the backyard: a plastic pig rooting in the garden, a smiling metal sun standing near the tall flowers, a steel-rotor-body cat birdfeeder luring birds to lunch.

At the beach, she always insists on having at least 2 pink plastic flamingos guarding the yard from hurricanes. (They haven't worked very well at all.)

We're a little less amused at her later acquisitions. She now has 3 dachshunds made of scrap metal. She calls them "yard art." We have other names for them and sometimes we pee on them.

And then there's the last thing: a yard wiener with green moss all over it. Mom says it's a "topiary." And most disturbing, it's the same size at Maggie. We've named it Mo for "mom has one mo dachshund." We wish she'd stick to flamingos, but you can vote on what she'll do next in our new poll.


Brad Barnes said...

rattits? is that you?

Anonymous said...

Lowdogs, don't try to understand your staff's antics. It will only give you headaches. And keep in mind that you can produce more "yard art" than they can. They just have to scoop it up.

maggie&bandit said...

True dat. In fact, we left them a very nice artifact on the walkway last night when they wouldn't let us in before the rain came.
We'll see if that happens again.