Sunday, September 9, 2007

New pen: Day 6

From Bandit: Remember the cool pen they got for us last week? I can dig out of it!
Dad's a little frustrated, and Mom just moved it onto the rock porch. I think I know how to get out of it there, too. Give me another day or so. This is kinda fun.



Allison Kennedy said...

"Let my people go!"

maggie&bandit said...

We love you aunt allison!!!

Sidda said...

Go, Bandit, go! You've inspired me to work on that pesky chicken wire.

aunt jenn said...

p.s. shouldn't that be "let my wiener go"?

Allison Kennedy said...

Um, that's a whole 'nother topic.

Allison Kennedy said...

Dear Maggie and Bandit,
If your owners really loved you, they would get you this product:
Love Bisquick