Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A shout-out for tie-dye

It's Maggie: I'm amazed at the how black is the new white for this year's US Open tennis competitors. And I know I look really good in black, but I'm not sweating out on a tennis court. In fact, I'm not sweating it out anywhere. Someone else can do that...when they say "working like a dog," they are not referring to me.
Anyway, I think this year's clothing is really overmanaged by Nike. Can we get some tie-dye T-shirts out there? My mom's favorite shirts are tie-dye, and she's always happy when she's wearing them. I'm pretty sure she could kick someone's ass wearing one.
Back to the Open: Let's talk headgear a second: It should be a rule that your hat matches your clothes. Serena has the right idea. Her headband matched the pink in her outfit. She didn't look like a farmer or a soccer mom. I approve.


Seamus said...

I like tennis balls! I like chewing pink headbands! I like black! Oops...gotta go lick the floor now.

Sidda said...

I hate you all. There's no TV in this cage, let alone tennis balls. And I want this *&%$#!@ IV out of my arm. Hmmm....I bet Seamus had something to do with this.

Maggie said...

you'll be home soon Sidda....take a look at Maria's dress. Definitely too early for holiday parties.

Allison Kennedy said...

Welcome home, Sidda.