Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mom went to the wine store

...and boy, are we glad. She's been out of wine for more than a week, and she grumped about it every night. It's not that she's a lush or anything, but she believes that a glass of wine each night is a good thing. It's healthy, but mostly it's just her way to wind down at night. When we lived at the beach, she found that crossing the big bridge was really important, too. Just going onto the island made her relax. She was a zombie by the time she got in the house.

As hard-working dachshunds, we treasure our routines, too. It's important that we get to come in from the porch around 9 and then go back to the bedroom and get snacky treats from dad. We get three snackies each. Then we play for a bit, or until Maggie gets grumpy. Dad takes us outside for a nightly poop before we go to bed. When we come in, Maggie goes in the laundry room first, and Bandit must have his ears scratched before he'll go. It's a rule.
This is important: We all need a process to end one day and start another. Even doggies like us.


Allison Kennedy said...

From Bisquick:
Wake up Dad about 6 a.m. and again at 7:00. Fall back asleep because he ain't getting up.
Whine when Mom gets up and gets the papers and coffee. Repeat for Dad.
Sleep all day. Munch on food. Drink water. Time for nap. Nap. Nap.
Whine some more when Mom and Dad come home.
Scratch on one of two walls and get pillows thrown at me. (What does the word "no" mean?)
Sleep. sleep. sleep.
I agree--routines are great!

maggie&bandit said...

Bisquick, you are so right. We believe that routines keep you in good mental shape and help you work through annoyances like neighbors, taunting squirrels and empty food bowls.

Seamus said...

Sometimes I think Mom and Dad forget I like to be outside by 7:00 in the morning, so I give them a friendly reminder. I jump on top of them. In bed. If I position myself just right, I can stand on Mom's boob and Dad's stomach at the same time. Judging by all the noise they make, they seem to really enjoy it. You guys should try it!

Bandit said...

Wow! We told Ernie about the boob thing and it REALLY works. He got to go out early today!