Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Birdie snacks

We know we promised a few days ago to tell the story about our friends Molly and Sidney and how birds invaded their house. It was terrible; Aunt Lesley thought she was being attacked. Molly and Sidney were at boarding school during that part, but when they came home their house had been a giant roost for several chimney swifts for several days, and there were carcasses on the floor. It was pretty nasty, and there had been a terrible fight that left blood, bird poo and feathers all over. They talked to their indoor cat friend Jake, who could only reply with a big belch. Jake had eaten all he could, but there were still 2 live birds in the house. Aunt Lesley got help to get the birds out, and it took all day to put things back in order. Didn't sound like fun to us at all. We think the cat should have done more.

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Sidda said...

mmmm....chimney swift like PIE!