Saturday, August 11, 2007

Not funny ha-ha

Cats are funny -- not funny ha-ha, funny bizarre, you know. (Dad's been watching "Sling Blade" again.)

We like our Ernie a lot, but he's still a cat. And he's never done anything like our friend Phil's cat did to him on his birthday last year -- we think it was last year.
While we find it unbelievable that Philip Wartena is actually 30, we're positively stunned by Ashes' antics. Click here to hear Phil's description. And please look at the rest of his blog, too. He's a fantastic photographer who doesn't deserve to be treated this way (well, most of the time...ok, some of the time).
This move was typical cat ingratitude; after all, Phil did take her in after our friend Mel rescued the kitty from a fire.

We don't want you to think that we don't like all cats, we are just realistic about their betrayal tendencies. These are our friends Robin and Georgie in a wonderful photo by Phil on his flickr site. One time they came to see us and brought a cat and that was fun. They can come back to visit any time. (Robin's a wonderful photographer, too. Check out her beautiful work here.)


Amanda said...

Cats are great--wait until you meet Ivy, Maggie and Bandit! She's fantastic!

Allison Kennedy said...

Cats are the coolest.
Love, Bisquick. Meow.

Maggie&Bandit said...

We're sure your cats are fine. We just don't trust them all. Today a neighborhood cat tried to take away the bird Bandit killed. Maggie told it to go kill its own bird. She wasn't very polite.