Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We're not sleepy; we're imitating the staff

So, we've been reading some new stuff over at Joey's and Maggie's blog, The Long and Short of It All.
Today we learned that yawns are contagious between dogs and humans. You have to read this.
Of course, there are a lot of human habits we'd rather not have any part of.

PS: check the cool Olympic mascot to the left. It's Waldi from Munich. Sure puts that stupid Izzy from Atlanta to shame. We live in Georgia, and we hated that thing.
Want to know more Waldi history? It's on their blog, too. Click here.


Three Dogs Long said...

I totally agree, yawns are contagious! Whenever my dogs yawn - I end up doing the same thing!


Allison Kennedy said...

I will never forget watching the opening ceremonies (from a TV in Tennessee) with some friends and we sat, slack-jawed, at all the ya-hoo stuff they pulled out. Monster trucks and all!

Joey and Maggie said...

Thanks again for the hat tip Maggie and Bandit. We spruced up that image of Waldi last year a bit and added the Olympic rings to the image to give it some more street cred. :) All the Olympic mascots since Waldi have been horrible. They should've kept Waldi as the official mascot forever!
And have fun at the Savannah wiener races. Of all the wiener races that took place last year, that one looked like the most fun with all the folks from the service there, and then Longfellow coming out the champ. What a tale.