Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Early alert! Games for us!

We've been waiting patiently since last October, and now it's coming!
Registration opens Aug. 30 for the annual Savannah Wiener Dawg Races!
This year it will be more fun than ever with more to do....It's a full schedule for the first weekend in October.

We've got the races on River Street, and then later there's entertainment and fun at Grayson Stadium, a masquerade ball for all wiener staffers, a Sunday morning Blessing of the Wieners and more. AND, there will be races for other small-dog breeds, too. So, we're inviting all our chihuahua friends to come visit.

Last year's gathering was wonderful and raised a lot of money for Dachshund Rescue. We hope to help lots of animal charities this year. If you aren't in the Savannah area, it's a great weekend to head this way.

Check out the Savannah Dachshund Club web site for new information and early details.
Click on the topic labels for our fun stories from last year and many, many photos!
And here's a video from last year's craziness.


skipper, cricket & pretzel said...

Maggie & Bandit - Thanks for the link to the video from last year. Our Staffers showed us how great the Navy Wiener Dog Racing Team actually looked. We really wish we could be in Savannah this year for the races but our Staffer Dad will be in Japan for his new Navy job. We will check and see if maybe there are any weiner dogs on the ship that will be visiting during this years Octoberfest.

Maggie&Bandit said...

Wow...we're really going to miss seeing you!
Please let us know if other Navy wieners will be coming...we'll roll out the carpet again!

And, Japan won't be too bad. Staffer Dad's spent time there and he says it's OK except for the ever-present images of Hello Kitty!