Friday, August 29, 2008

3-day weekend!

The long holiday weekend is finally here, and that means more time with the staff. Every time one of these weekends comes along, they have some inane plan to get stuff done around the house. What that means for us is extra time in the yard, time in the pen and heavy-duty roles as distractions and mediators.
This time they really think they'll get a couple closets and a back room cleaned out. We're very dubious. First of all: They always come up with reasons not to do those chores, and they always end up at the beach for at least one morning. And, they never take us.
Our predictions: They'll blow off Saturday, try to make up for it on Sunday and fail -- we know the Cardinals game comes on at 2. That should finish off Staffer Dad. On Monday, they'll decide they should spend a few hours at the beach because it's a holiday.
On Monday night, we'll end up listening to them grouse because they didn't get much done over the weekend.
Let's hope they prove us wrong. But don't bet on that.

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Allison Kennedy said...

Have fun, Lowdogs! Be nice to the staff.