Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Finally, we're excited about the Olympics!

Thanks to our friends Joey and Maggie over at The Long and Short of It, we've learned about Fred the dachshund and his quest for the Beijing Olympics. His staff apparently made a short film to show us what he's been through to get to the tennis-ball diving championships. Watch it here.

Our staff says they'll leave the remote out if we want to watch for Fred on TV, and we also will be checking the Net since there's 2,200 hours of programming planned. Oddly, we can't seem to find a listing for that sport, but we figure this one is so special, they'll be showing it during prime time. Right?


Eduardo said...

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Joey and Maggie said...

Hey Maggie and Bandit, thanks for the link! Isn't that one of the coolest videos you've seen? Those underwater shots are amazing. Happy first day of the Olympics!