Thursday, January 24, 2008

Travel should be on purpose

Careful readers of this blog will know that we like to travel. We're just darn good at it, and the staff likes to drive us. Of course, we like to ride in a limo and we don't think airplanes would be very much fun at all since you can't roll down the windows. All that said, we don't crawl into things that look like they may be going to go fly.
So it stands to reason that we wouldn't ever get caught in a predicament like a cat from Florida who took an unexpected trip when he crawled into a suitcase.

Here's the thing. Cats are generally stupid. Ernie's not, but we don't think even he's immune to doing something like this. Bottom line: Trust your canine instincts. Don't crawl in luggage. If it's sitting out, it's probably going somewhere, and that's all you need to know.

However, it's absolutely fine to mark it so your staff can find it easily and avoid those airport bag mix-ups.


Uncle Mike said...

That could never happen to Bisquick, unless we were traveling with a steamer trunk.

Maggie&Bandit said...

We heard Bisquick likes riding in trucks. You should take him out more.

Bebe Bahnsen said...

What a great cat story. I'm so glad Ernie isn't stupid. That means your staffers don't have to run their hands through wet clothes before turning on the dryer. Scruffy seems to think the dryer is a perfect place to hang out if he can get in it.
I think Ernie is smart, too. Don't I recall that he lost several collars? Well, Scruffy must have picked up that habit when I read your blog to him. Here's the thing, though. Scruffy never goes outside so his collar seems to be completely lost somewhere in this apartment. The other possibility, that I hate to contemplate, is that he gets the door open and goes, ahem, catting around, while I sleep.

Allison Kennedy said...

Uncle Mike is a very smart man.

Uncle Mike said...

Mags and Beezmeister, I would take Bisquick for truck rides, but my truck is only a 4-cylinder and won't haul his big ol' self very far.

Allison Kennedy said...

I guarantee this would never have happened to Bisquick. The guy would have opened the suitcase earlier, thinking he must have packed rocks. Boulders, even.