Thursday, January 10, 2008

More staff issues

We're sorry for taking so long to post, but we have had more issues with the Staff. Staffer Mom is still out of town and we're beginning to think Staffer Dad is out to lunch. He did finally get us some snackie treats, but the new ones simply are not as good as the ones he usually buys. This is disturbing. We would have thought he would be more attuned to what we need and want. He is finally starting to feed us on time, but he isn't providing us with the attention we require. We're spending too little time in the house and too much time on the porch. And what's with these old TV shows he's watching? It's a bunch of guys sitting around a bar; every once in a while, some fat guy walks in and everyone yells "Norm." We need a Law and Order. And we need Staffer Mom back to bring order to this chaos. Staffer Dad says she'll be back this weekend. We hope so.

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