Thursday, January 17, 2008

A guide for our kind

Here in Savannah, everyone knows a reference to "The Book" doesn't mean the Bible. It means "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil." But we beg to differ.

Aunt Jenn and Uncle Brad gave us a tome for Christmas that has become our sacred text: "The Dangerous Book for Dogs" by Rex and Sparky. It addresses all of life's most important topics like why some smells are better than others, types of squirrels, how to drink out of the toilet properly, best dog books, how to defend your territory and how to build a bed out of your owner's laundry. TDBD's an endless amount of information. Bandit says he knew a lot of it, but it's great to have it all in one place for reference. He suspects that the new breeds of yappy dogs who ride in purses will need this info, since they don't appear to have proper genetic imprinting.

We're attaching the Amazon link to it, as well as video about it (There's a bunch on YouTube.). It's really a call to action to throw off your domesticity (something the stupid monkeys in the Planet of the Apes movies thought was important, but that's another blog). There are two other videos about this on the Amazon page, including an interview with Rex and Sparky. All are must-see events.

We urge you to buy this book. If you don't need the info, your human might be able to get more insight into why you do what you do. And don't worry about them stealing your secrets. They just aren't that savvy. After all, they eat lettuce.


skipper, cricket & pretzel said...

Maggie&Bandit - What a great find. We girls are playing on our staffer’s computer right now ordering a copy for ourselves along with a couple of extra copies for our doxi cousins. Dog’s rock! Keep the staffers in their place! We loved the video clips on Amazon. Take care.

Allison Kennedy said...

welcome back, staffer mom!

Aunt Jenn said...

TDBD? I like that. Sort of got a WWJD ring to it. I should start asking myself WWMD (What Would Maggie Do?).

Just noticed the uncanny similarity between that phrase and the better-known "WMD". Coincidence?

Maggie&Bandit said...

We think not.