Thursday, June 5, 2008

Snakes and rats

Wow. In just 2 days, we've heard 2 heroic dachshund stories, and both involved the word "rat." What are the odds?
And both stories eclipse the time Bandit swallowed a really big live rat to keep it away from Staffer Mom.

First: Aunt Meg told us about her friends whose mini-wiener dog killed a huge rat in their home and sat next to it until they came home. That was heroic!

Second: Uncle Brad passed along a cool story about a gray rat snake, and then another about a dachshund who ate a whole snake, then yakked it up and it crawled away. Very cool.

Uncle Brad also made a cool photo of a dachshund as Indiana Jones in the big snake pit. You should check his blog to see it. Click here.

We're pretty impressed -- and that's not easy. And we do wonder if there's something about Columbus, Ga.,where all the rat and snake stories took place.

Oh well, we just want to tell the wieners involved: Way to go buddies!


Allison Kennedy said...

Revenge of the Lowdog Killers!

Bebe Bahnsen said...

I have another dachshund story that's not so cool, but don't worry, it turned out OK. My friends Nick and Mary Lynn Kotz had two dachshunds (this happened years ago), and one day Mary Lynn baked bread. She put it on a table to rise and she and Nick went out for a walk. When they came back their dogs seemed a bit bigger than when they left. Turned out the puppies had eaten the bread dough, which was rising in their ever-plumper bodies. After a quick trip to the vet and emergency surgery, the dogs were fine. Nick and Mary Lynn may not have recovered yet.