Monday, June 2, 2008

Nap time

From Bandit: We are firm believers that naps are often very good things, especially after a big mole-trail excavation or a run in sand. Naps keep you happy, healthy and help you renew for the rest of the day. Aunt Allison recommends taking time out in her blog, and she's usually right about things like that.

As careful readers know, we went to the beach last weekend and played very hard. It was warm, and we took lots of walks every day. The pavement was hot, but we liked the soft sand. We got tired, but a great nap on green pillow was all we needed.
Here's a picture of Maggie's great nap after a long walk.

Let's all take a few minutes to chill out and just go mellow. It's good for you.


Brad Barnes said...

Yay-men. Any tips on getting a company's bosses to buy into the idea?

Maggie&Bandit said...

That is a conundrum. We think that the only way for them to really understand the power of naps is for them to try it for themselves.

In many cases, that may require spiking their diet cokes with either vodka or tranquilizers to "put them down" for a bit.
We get Staffer Mom to drink a glass of wine or hot tea, and she'll do that on her own now.

We're also partial to setting aside a special "nap space." For us, it's Green Pillow, but for convincing your bosses, you may want to send them outside or up on the roof for quiet time. It should be where the door locks behind them, so they are forced to take the time out. You may choose to find an unoccupied office or closet.

Setting the mood for a nap is pretty important, but we're certain you can convince them with the right strategies.

Jenn said...

Hey, Maggie & Bandit, think you could help me out with my excavation? I bet you'd be great at it!

I think I'll take your nap advice now - after 8 hours in the hot Georgia sun, sleep sounds pretty dang good right now.

Allison Kennedy said...

Naps rock.