Monday, June 9, 2008

Porches and fresh paint

In our earlier entry, we told you Staffer Mom was planning to paint the back porch. Well, it went OK. She only threatened to give us stripes and paint our tails once. The best part of the day came when Maggie was able to sneak right past Staffer Dad mid-day to leave a few wiener-dog paw prints on the fresh paint.

While Staffer Dad got yelled at for letting her do that, we fared OK. Staffer Mom was planning a second coat of the butter-colored paint, so that took care of the problem when she put that down later in the day.

Now it's another day and she's making us wait one more day to be able to play on our porch. At least we get to walk on it again -- it may be months until Staffer Dad gets to. We're really hoping this never happens again. It's a bother and we deserve our porch back.

1 comment:

Allison Kennedy said...

Everyone deserves a good porch. You are True Southerners, Lowdogs.