Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Take the Bandit Challenge!

Over the years, Bandit's had some success picking NCAA tournament brackets and winners. He's humiliated several humans whose lives and careers have been spent following sports closely.
We won't give away his strategies, but we'll just say he's ready to chow down on this year's tournament picks.

Here's the big news: We're challenging all our fans -- human and otherwise -- to take on Bandit. (Cats, too!)

Staffer Mom's helped us set up a special bracket group called The Bandit Challenge on CBSsports.com.

Here's how to join:
- Send your email address to us at lowdogs@aol.com
- We'll send you an official invitation through CBSSports.
- Sign in there and join the Bandit Challenge.
- Have your picks made by 11 a.m. March 20
- We'll send you reports on how you're doing and taunt you on the blog.

Let's play!


Allison Kennedy said...

Hey what happened to the bunnies?

Bebe Bahnsen said...

Bandit, I want to take you up on this challenge. I feel sure I can win. I do get a bit confused about scoring. What do players score for touchdowns? How about exrra points? How much do they get for runs batted in? Do foul pitches count. Just clear up some of these things for me and I'll join right in. I can't ask my sons, who are both accomplished sports stars. A few years ago a wonderful dog of mine, the late, lamented Willie, pulled me over, breaking my wrist and my eyeglasses. Believe me, it was not Willie's fault. My son Don came to take me to the hospital and he found me lying on my sofa hugging my sore wrist and pressing cold cloths to my facial wounds. Don said the appropriate sympathetic things and then he just shook his head. "Mom," he said, "I will never understand how a walking
wreck like you raised two athletes."
But I'll prove him wrong just as long as I learn the rules you guys are playing by. Remember--touchdowns, strikeouts, and all that stuff.

Bebe Bahnsen said...

Yo, lowdogs. I want to enter Bandit's challenge, but Bebe won't let me. She insists cats don't know as much about sports as she does. But I know Ernie tells you all the time that we know everything. Everything. My favorite teams are the Fierce Felines (fierce is my favorite word, too) and the Fluffy Floaters. If they're in the tournament, Bandit, sign me up, Pal. Scruffy

Maggie&Bandit said...

Bunnies are alive and well -- we're pretty sure. The staff delivered them to a person called a "wildlife rehabilitator," and she'll raise them until they are ready to go back to the woods. Up until now, we thought a wildlife rehabilitator was something Staffer Mom says some men need.

As for you Scruffy, we're sorry you're team's not in the league. We'd love for you to play anyway. Bebe could help you figure it out.

Dowling Group said...

Dear Bandit, I am a Tarheel through and through and I want to play. My mom will help with the typing. But she's a technodweeb and doesn't know how to do stuff like this. Can you tell her how? Someday I want to be a cool dog, too. Yuki

Allison Kennedy said...

Forgive us that we can't participate in this. The staffers don't like basketball and therefore would lose time (and possibly money) that should be spent on me.